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Addano is known for his lighthearted attention to detail and commitment to the growth of his students. His teaching is designed to give students the tools and techniques to access their own unique body’s needs, create new connections and continue to find the centre of themselves each time they step on their mats.

Inschrijven yoga

As a 200-hour RYT certified yoga instructor, Addano has expertise in various types of yoga. He specialises in strong flows, which combine intense exercises using  controlled movements of yoga that require strength, flexibility, balance and breath awareness. He is a motivating instructor both on and off the mat, giving you the power to work through any physical or mental obstacles. He believes that yoga is a powerful tool that can help us uncover our true nature and discover our divine place in the Universe.

His life was transformed from the moment he discovered meditation and the practice of the yoga asanas, which showed him the cathartic power of linking breath, movement and mindfulness. After years of taking an obsessive approach to fitness, he suddenly let go of that effort and found beauty in his connection between body and mind. Since he began teaching yoga, he has helped students find acceptance on the mat with flows that inspire self-love and love towards others. His practice will help you develop your connection with the breath while increasing the awareness of the present and allowing you to live a healthier and more inspiring life. His classes provide students with the knowledge and courage to carry their practice out of the studio and into their daily lives.

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Meer referenties
''For my daughter this resulted in mutual respect, build on kindness and discipline.''
''Wij zijn zeer dankbaar voor de lessen en de positieve impact die ze maken op onze dochter.''
''We can see they are learning a lot and are very satisfied with their progression.''
''I would say that IWKA is not just a place where you learn Kung Fu; it’s a place where you learn about life.''
Ik vind dit een hele fijne school omdat er veel aandacht is voor de filosofie achter de vechtsport.